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Puppy Days....
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Puppy Days....

Well today was certainly Puppy Day...I started the day with wee Alfie the little Westie Puppy who is a wee joy to behold.  He was certainly full of beans running about the garden, getting cuddles and tummy tickles.  Nothing should be that cute. BTW Alfie has the Rolls Royce of crates...a grand design puppy pen that takes up most of the kitchen.  Go Alfie:-)

Then it was off to see our favourite poodle, the curly wurly scrumptious Barney.  He was full of life this morning running about the garden fine style.  He really loves his Snugga Wubba and tummy rubs.  This seems to be standard for most puppies.  I love to pick Barney up and give him big cuddles, his curls are just so snuggly....lovely jubbly:-)

I rounded off the morning with a visit to Cody the wee pompom Shih Tzu puppy.  A tiny wee pocket of incredibleness. Guess what - he loves getting his tummy tickled, and tickled again and again and again.  Seems to be standard entertainment in the puppy world.

Well according to the Secret Life of Dogs on TV last night - dogs make us feel happy and we make them feel happy too...I can certainly confirm that because I had such a lovely day.  Hope the mini Wagtimers feel the same.  Lovely Puppy Days full of fun and cuddles and tummy tickles xxx wee guys...

Puppy Alfie
Puppy Alfie
How cute am I?
Puppy Back Rub
Puppy Back Rub
oooh that feels good
Puppy Footie
Puppy Footie
Future Becks in the making
Puppy cuddles
Puppy cuddles
we both felt good........
Puppy Barney
Puppy Barney
Please play with me
Back rub
Back rub
Puppies seem to like this
Poodle poses
Poodle poses
Sit! perfecty executed
Poodle in action
Poodle in action
Barney can certainly move!
Puppy Cody
Puppy Cody
hello cutie pie!
Pompom puppy
Pompom puppy
good enough to eat....sweet puppy!
Tummy tickles
Tummy tickles
theme of the day;-)
Cody's perfect pose
Cody's perfect pose
so cute he could melt any heart:-D

BTW this week seems to be music week, so here is the Wagtime take on the theme tune to Happy Days...

Sunday, Monday, Puppy Days,
Tuesday, Wednesday, Puppy Days,
Thursday, Friday, Puppy Days,
Saturday, what a day,
Groovin' all week with you.

These days are ours
Happy and free. (Oh Puppy Days)
These days are ours
Share them with me.(Oh Puppy Days)

Goodbye grey sky, hello blue,
'cause nothing can hold me when I hold you.
feels so right it can't be wrong,
rockin' and rollin' all week long.

These Puppy Days are yours and mine (oh Puppy Days)
These Puppy Days are yours and mine (oh Puppy Days)
These Puppy Days are yours and mine, Puppy Days.

2 Comments to Puppy Days....:

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jamie on 14 August 2013 22:08
lovely puppies! On a professional note, pups will grow up to become your best dogs, they learn what dog walking is all about at a very young age and will considerably be better to walk than the others who join when they are older. PS, slow down and give the other dog walkers a chance. lol!
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Carol@Wagtime on 14 August 2013 22:21
lol, they are going to grow up to be the best dogs ever!!!...don't worry about the other dogwalkers I am sure there is plenty of work to go round:-)

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