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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you Police checked?

I have a basic disclosure certificate. This is available for clients to see at any time and we encourage you to do so. Full or enhanced CRB checks can only be issued to people working with vulnerable adults and children. This usually equates to medical, legal and youth roles.

As a former project manager working for a number of multi-national companies over twenty plus years I have frequently been in positions of trust. I am honest and respectful at all times. My personal pledge is that I will care for your pet as I would my own and respect your property, privacy and lifestyle.

Are you insured?

Insurance is essential for any professional to protect both the client and the service provider. Our insurance is with "Cliverton" who specialise in the provision of insurance for the pet industry. We are insured to work with ALL domestic pets.  Please ask to see our insurance certificate and a summary of the cover provided under our policy.
Do you Home Board dogs?

We do not currently provide home boarding as a service.  We may provide this service at some point in the future and will obtain the necessary Local Authority licence.  We can provide names of local kennels and home boarding on request.

What are Puppy visits?

Puppies need special care and nurturing. What you do now will influence your puppy's behaviour and confidence for the rest of it's life, so it's important to get off to the right start.  Puppy visits provide the following :

  • Toilet breaks
  • Food and fresh water
  • Play time to alleviate boredom and break up the day
  • Introduction to lead and walking
  • Socialisation
  • Lots of cuddles:-)

Visits last 30 minutes (can be extended at further cost) and include a report on what has been done.  Our service provides 2 visits a day - morning and afternoon.  Feel free to call or text at any time to check on your pup.

Do you do training?

I am not qualified as a trainer or behaviourist and don't offer formalised training. If your dog has behavioural issues we recommend you consult your vet who will ensure there is nothing physically wrong. They are best placed to point you in the right direction of an appropriate professional to help you.

We do, however, offer one to one walks where we can help reinforce training. This is tailored to your and your dog's needs.

Why use a dog walker?

Many people have to work very long hours & depending on friends & family isn't always a long term solution. We can take the pressure away by providing exercise, stimulation and company when your dog is left home alone. Research has shown that exercise is important for physical & mental health and ALL of my clients report that their dogs are calmer & happier when we have walked their dog(s)

As social creatures, dogs are rarely happy left at home all day without company.  The RSPCA recommends that dogs are left alone for no more than 4 hours a day. Without stimulation & company your dog may develop stress related behaviour such as being destructive in the home or becoming introverted and depressed.

Do you exercise dogs off the lead?

Yes we do in some circumstances, but only when we know a dog well.  Initially your dog won't know us and will see no reason to come back to us just because we are calling his name.

We need to be confident that he can be trusted with other dogs and people, that recall is established and he is responsive to me. There needs to be a period of time for him to adjust to me and each dog is different. Only  when I feel he is ready will I let him off lead.  Owners need to give permission in writing and accept full liability in the event of straying.

With regret, all entire dogs will only be exercised on lead (extendible leads are provided).

What if my dog gets sick or injured while walking?

I am qualified in pet first aid and always carry a kit with me. If your dog looks unwell I would call you and not take the dog out. If a dog becomes ill out walking veterinary advice will be sought. 

Special care is taken in hot weather to prevent dehydration and I carry water with me. In exceptional circumstances exercise may be reduced or declined for your pet's welfare. Our primary concern is for your dog and his wellbeing.

In the event of your dog needing a vet, we will endeavour to take him directly. Authorisation for veterinary care is a contractual obligation for dog walking services in case of an emergency.  Clients are directly responsible for all fees incurred.

What can I expect from a standard walk?

The first few walks will be individual or with 1 other dog so that we can build trust and assess your dog's character. After this most people opt for a group walk as this is the cheapest option and is great fun for the dogs.

The maximum group size is strictly limited to 4 and new  dogs are introduced to each other carefully to avoid disputes.

Where possible dogs are matched to others with comparable needs and temperaments.
Dogs need to be sociable and happy to be in close contact with others as it is usual practice to collect dogs in the car and then take them to a green area where they can be exercised together.

What about bitches on heat?

Your bitch is not sick and since she will be on heat for about 21 days, you can't really opt to not exercise her. However there are risks and for that reason although we would still walk her there are conditions:

Walking is at off peak times and in secluded locations.

Strictly individual walks only and ALWAYS on a lead.

Use of sprays or tablets to disguise scent (please ask your vet to advise)

And finally permission in writing with a disclaimer to absolve us of liability should the worst happen and accidental mating occur.

We always carry a panic alarm as first line defence and will take all reasonable care, but when on heat bitches only have one thing on their mind. Sadly there are many entire dogs roaming out there and they will soon smell out the scent of love!

Can dogs be looked after alone at home when I am on holiday?

Although many pet carers do this, I am not comfortable with this practise.  Dogs, unlike cats, do not usually like being alone for long periods and most don't cope with this situation well. There are excellent kennels and home boarding options as preferable alternatives.

What if I have lots of animals? 

Multiple animals are not a problem and we are happy to quote you according to your circumstances. Please don't be put off, the quote will be competitive for the service we provide.

What about small animal care?

We are happy to cater for all your small animals.

Cats, and the small furries are better looked after in their own surroundings where they feel safe and can maintain their own routine. Catteries offer excellent care but being in a strange place and the curtailment of freedom can be stressful for some.

You can opt for 1 or 2 visits a day, where we will carry out your wishes and can provide security services such as adjusting curtains and lights to make your property look “lived in”. Cuddles, handling, basic grooming, litter changing, feeding and watering are all included. You decide what and how much.

What if I need a service not listed?

Please ask us.  We wish to provide you with a first class service and if we can help we will.

What happens after I contact you?

We will talk with you to obtain some information about your pet, it's habits and which services you require. The next step is for us to visit you and your pet in your home (without obligation) to discuss your needs. We would also like to go on a short accompanied walk to observe your dog's reactions and to assess your dog's current level of training.

How do you store information and look after my keys?

All information obtained from you about your pets and your home is stored in a locked cabinet in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Your keys are held in a locked key safe and your keys are coded so that in the event of someone breaking into our property they cannot know what property they fit.  Your privacy and confidentiality is assured at all times.

"Lots of people talk to animals.... Not very many listen, though.... That's the problem."  - Benjamin Hoff
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